The iWorld is looming…

Hello blogosphere,

This will be my official debut blogging on a fabulous new WordPress site. Full disclosure, I am a rookie-blogger and feel that I have a lot of learning to do, however I am certainly passionate about many issues and hope to bring some fresh and challenging views about global issues, politics, and a mishmash of other interesting word-bites to this blog.
Anyways, onto the first blog topic, the inevitable looming iWorld. Apple certainly has made it as a company, as a brand and as an idea. While writing on the latest scam that has arisen in China, entire Apple stores being “faked”, one blogger deems Apples success as a product of its clever packaging and selling of an idea and a lifestyle. Steve Jobs was the first and loudest response when I posed the question “Which one person defines success for you?” to a high-school level ESL class the other day. A striking example of how powerful this brand is in that it glides smoothly across cultural and language barriers to be the very definition of success.

Apple’s brand is evolving faster than consumers can swipe their credit cards, and Apple products are becoming more and more ubiquitous in our everyday lives here in North America. The latest example, Inc. Magazine writes about the use of iPads in restaurants- how it helps to streamline the service process and how it can help to boost sales by visually displaying food items:

The more I see the use of iProducts spreading, and the more I become dependent on and immersed in the world of iPhone, the more my thoughts begin to wander to this video:

This is a genius (also hilarious) interpretation of a future entirely run by iProducts in a real yet matrix-like “iWorld”. It makes you wonder, especially when combined with thoughts from the previous iRestaurant article, how much of it this future iProphecy is already being fulfilled.

Sidenote: As one of the worlds most powerful companies, lets hope Apple puts significant effort into becoming a trailblazer in sustainable business practices including being free of degrading and/or illegal labour practices, extended producer responsibility and a shift towards “cradle to cradle” thinking in production and consumption practices worldwide. Now thats the kind of iWorld I could see myself being a part of.  

Image courtesy of ImageShack.



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