The iWorld without Steve Jobs at the helm?

It is quite a coincidence that I wrote my last blogpost on the beginning of an iWorld where Mac products enter more and more into our daily lives. The last few days there has been a buzz by techies and non-techies alike about how the Apple brand will fare without Steve Jobs. Although stocks have been uneasy, I still have faith in the many talented people that are behind Apple to keep pumping out those tempting electronic gadgets.

The last few days, with Steve Jobs resigning as CEO, has made me realize just how powerful his brand and company is. Although I am not a computer nerd (can’t operate a spreadsheet and click ctrl+alt+delete a lot) I respect a company such as Apple in that they really do lead the pack in terms of harnessing new technology. I am often astounded at the things that my iPhone can do, although I see my ability to navigate around a city slowly eroding, a downside to always having technology at your fingertips.

As I mentioned previously, I would love to see Apple use its amazing clout to do something good for the whole world. By continuously creating new and better products, people consume more and more. Perhaps to counter this Apple can encourage the cradle to cradle business model- by taking a product from production to consumption and back for recycling, you are closing the gap through which tons of e-waste can slip through. This can also be profitable as profits are made off of the recycled goods. Extended producer responsibility is a good first step. I think if Apple takes the first step, many other companies will gladly follow in its footsteps.

For a great overview of literature on e-waste and good producer practice initiatives, see Widmer et al. (2004)


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