Mañana, libere los libros! Tomorrow, set the books free!

March 21st is as good day as any to liberate books! An amazing idea (or movement as it is sure to become), a simple one as the best ones often are. To take a book that you have read and enjoyed, leave a note inside telling them about the idea. Something like this:
“Este libro es del Club de los Libros Perdidos, ahora es suyo para que lo lea, pero luego debe dejarlo en algún lugar para otra persona”; “This book belongs to the Lost Book’s Club, it is now yours to read, but later you must leave it someplace for someone else”.
Then leave it in a public place for another reader to find. The reader must then do the same. And the real world becomes enriched with the stories, ideas and beauty that lie between the covers of a book.
Celebrated in many Latin American countries (and perhaps beyond?), this video of the Costa Rican Minister of Education calling all Tico’s to liberate! a book sums up the idea nicely.


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