Futbol, politics and tragedy in Colombia

World Cup fervor is upon us, emotions are flying high as dreams are made and other’s hopes are dashed. One team that has done a fantastic job during the tournament, not to mention amazing fans and great post-goal team dances, is Colombia.

With all their fanfare and great futbol, it’s easy to forget about the heartbreaking history of Colombia’s national team. One of the bloodiest moments in the nation’s history was during the early 1990’s when the drug war was unravelling Colombian society. Soccer during this time was inextricably entangled with the drug cartels. The huge success of Los Cafeteros in the early 1990’s can partially be credited to the drug money entering the sport, at least according to the president of the national futbol association at the time. One tragic casualty of this alliance was Andres Escobar, murdered by drug lords after his own goal helped send his team home from the 1994 World Cup. The story is truly heartbreaking, Andres was a great ambassador for his country and a believer in the uniting force of the beautiful game. Documentary “The Two Escobars” tells the tale of Escobar’s life and death.

Twenty years later, the Colombian’s have re-written this tragic history with their amazing performance and love for the sport in Brazil this year. Viva Colombia!

Watch the documentary.


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