Govspeak, don’t you just love it?

Inspired by a conversation with a federal government employee who will remain nameless, I’ll be tracking the new and improved but also tried and tested government-ese I hear in my travels as a reporter.

Feel free to vote on your favourites. Don’t see those words you just love to hear out of the mouths of politicians below? Comment and I’ll add them to the poll.

For those of you media people fighting the good fight trying to get a straight answer or any answer out of government, enjoy my recent transcript of what thin air sounds like…

“Obviously our department takes it seriously, we recognize that it’s a concern in our community. We’re working with the territorial government and the other federal departments to meet and come up with strategies and mitigations to deal with it.”

Any specific ones you can speak on right now? 

“I don’t know that there’s anything specific, I think it’s pretty initial. We’re in our infancy of trying to get this group together and to deal with things. So it’ll be kind of very I think broad scope to start and you know where things become more specific or solution-based then, you know, we’re not trying to hide it. When we come up with ideas and solutions we’ll want to share that.”

In what ways will you plan to hear from the public about their concerns, other than going to meetings like this? 

“At this point I guess, I don’t know how our group’s going to be set up. Obviously, we’re going to have to account for public consultation down the road. I don’t think today, as we’re really just starting out, we have an answer as to when we would have….”


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