Stories written, edited and paginated for the Hope Standard

Spot News

Truck crashes into Highway 1 restaurant: “A pickup truck drove through the front window of the Somewhere Else Cafe on Highway 1 Jan. 22.”

Fire devastates Laidlaw home: “Despite heroic efforts by police, fire and the family, a chimney fire burned a home in Laidlaw to the ground.”


Scenes of chaos and fear at multi-vehicle crash on the Coquihalla: “A woman who was a passenger on one of the Greyhound buses involved in the multi-vehicle crash Sunday evening that closed the Coquihalla Highway describes scenes of chaos and fear, as well as an organized response by rescue crews.”

Hope is prepared for another disaster, rescue organizations say: “As the dust settles after a major motor vehicle accident on the Coquihalla highway near Hope Sunday, organizations involved agree the rescue was well-organized and shows Hope is prepared for another large-scale disaster.”

Resident in need of medical attention waited eight hours for plowing: “Residents are fuming after requests for the city to plow Yale Road for a sick neighbour to get to hospital were not met for nearly eight hours, forcing them to call an ambulance.”

SD78 school board trustee takes medical leave: “Trustee Rose Tustian announced Tuesday she is taking medical leave due to a hostile environment and bullying on the school board.”

Homelessness is a community problem: “The community needs to have an uncomfortable conversation about how to address homelessness, the executive director of Hope’s homeless serving organization says.”

Civic News 

Smoke bylaw OK: Hope vape shop owners: “The owners of Hope’s only vape shop are on board with the district’s smoking bylaw, but say provincial laws on e-cigarettes are lagging behind.”

Council votes against public hearing: “District council has voted against plans for an eight-unit townhouse complex at 548 Park St., after an emotional public hearing Monday.” 

Tiny home project open to all: “Tiny homes are coming to Hope, and they’re coming in the form of a Yale First Nation economic development project.”


Storms, sour milk and solitude: “In the days before thermal imaging and computer models, the BC Forest Service sent young men to live in towers far into the wilderness to act as a first warning of forest fires.”

Coquihalla Grade 5 class have a pet bear: “He could have been Pingu, Yogi, Blackberry or Bob, but the Grade 5 class at Coquihalla Elementary School decided S’more was a better fit for the name of their newly adopted 35-kilogram rescued black bear.”

‘A sliver of grief remains, it never goes away’: “Family, friends and colleagues who gathered Jan. 26 agreed it felt like it was just yesterday Carol Schlamp was killed in a tragic ambulance crash.”

Boston Bar rallies around baby girl born with Apert syndrome: “On Nov. 26 the Grafinger family received two surprises: a beautiful baby girl, and a devastating diagnosis.”


Comedy series set in Hope wins seed money: “Angela Galanopoulos and Andrew Barber were tired of the cookie-cutter TV shows created for the U.S. market, so they created a uniquely Canadian show.”

Series – Children and youth with autism in the community of Hope, B.C. 

Young man with autism wants understanding, end to taunts: “Brayden Duplessis is fed up with hearing high school students joke and make snide comments about people living with autism.”

Filmmaker brings life with his autistic son to the small screen: “When Robert Fresco focused his camera on his twin children, he didn’t realize he would be recording the story of a family learning to live with autism.”

Hope mothers work together to improve access, connections for their autistic children: “In rural areas of B.C. families face challenges accessing services for their autistic children, something a few families in Hope are now working to change by connecting with each other and with resources for their children.”





Stories for the Northern News Services group of papers (Yellowknifer, News/North and Nunavut News/North)


Civic News



Photo features

Student journalism at Langara College and the Langara Voice weekly

Feature stories

Turning to the land: Two young Vancouverites abandon the comforts of the city for a home on the range

They say they are the lucky ones: Date rape in the Vancouver bar scene

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Civic News


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